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Frequently Asked Questions...

What phones suits me?

So I wanna get a new cellphone her are things I would like...
Touch Screen
QWERTY keyboard
A long battery power
A type of phone where I can like, download apps and music ya know like an iphone.
So do you have ANY suggestions, everything will matter and also where can I get the phone and how much does it cost and send me a link plz of maybe info and photos THANKS TO ANYONE WHO ATTEMPTS ANSWERING MY QUESION <3333
And also no iphone please, and be specif please of what kinda phone thankss!

Best Answer...


Well the iPhone has everything you need except the physical QWERTY board. With pretty much any phone other than iPhone it's hard to get music onto your phone without a computer. But good physical QWERTY board phones would be something like the EVO Shift, Epic 4G and the G2. Physical QWERTY board phones are harder to come by these days. You'll have more options without them if you can these phones are better but do not have the physical QWERTY.

I think the top phones would be:
Apple iPhone 4 (great battery)
HTC Droid Thunderbolt 4G (eh battery)
Samsung Droid Charge 4G (eh battery)
HTC EVO 4G (eh battery)
Samsung Nexus S (good battery)
MOTO Bonic (good battery)

These are all flagship phones.
Hope this helps. :) sorry if I flooded you with info but if you want reviews you can go to YouTube and type the name of the phone you want and jon4lakers. Pretty good reviewer.