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Frequently Asked Questions...


I just bought my first ham radio, a Yaesu FT-60R. I previously had some cheap GMRS/FRS Midland 2-way radio, but it was not repeater capable.

I heard in order to Tx on GMRS frequencies you need to modify the ham radio and remove a resistant chip on the radio.

First, I have the GMRS license, but is it illegal to use/mod a ham radio to operate in GMRS Frequencies? All I want is to be able to Tx on a GMRS repeater in my area.

What do I need to cut out the chip, or how do I do it?

Here is a website I found that somewhat guides you....

Also, what other radio can I get that is just GMRS and is repeater capable?

Best Answer...


If there is a mod like you want, it will be in ArtSci publications. You might also go to "" , and somebody there will get you on track. This mod is straight forward, and there's no going back after you do it- you'll probably burn up the chip desoldering it. Surface mount is a great pain. Use a needle-tip 25 watt soldering iron. Wahl rechargeable is a good one. Think twice before you do this. It's not legal. You could get a little handheld FRS/GMRS for a few bucks if you only want to hit a repeater.