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Frequently Asked Questions...

is a midland magnet mount cb antenna good?

I have a midland 75-822 cb and i'm looking at getting a magnet mount antenna for it. I found a MIDLAND Magnet Roof Mount CB Antenna 18-2442 on e-bay for around 27 dollars. Is this a good one to buy? Is there another brand I should consider? And what kind of range should i expect to get out of it? Thanks all for their time.

Best Answer...


Range? this will depend on location from where you're sending your signal, sun spot cycle, and the atmospheric conditions plus the power sent from the transmitter, and the swr of the antenna. Too many variables to specify a distance as it will vary, plus how much chatter is going on with the particular channel at the time you're trying to use it.
The Midland antenna is good but there are better, and of course much more expensive.
The Wilson 500 or Wilson 100- are excellent magnet mount systems, running over $50 to $60 from most stores, where I like the 108" whip with a body mount ball.
The K-40 is also a well liked antenna, and again more costly than the Midland.
Most of this is a matter of how much you wish to invest, and how much you care to get involved in CB radio.