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Frequently Asked Questions...

Anyone ever taken child to NASCAR race?

I'm concerned that it may be too loud for him, but husband claims that you can wear headphones.

Best Answer...


I took my daughter and wife and they loved it. Depending on the age of your children or child, and the interest in the sport , this can be a fantastic time for you and your family.

I would definitely recommend hearing protectors. Either ear plugs or over the ear protectors can be worn. Sometimes you may want to use both because it can be very loud. Especially since the race can go on for a few hours. Race scanners with noise reducing over the ear units will also help. This way you can listen to the pit crews and the radio announcers during the race. It gets interesting sometimes. You can rent these at the track if you do not have any.

Being in the infield is a special treat, but you may not be able to see the whole track. Depending on the venue, I like the stands and grandstands. You will be able to see more of the race.

May I recommend taking some games and other things to keep you and the children occupied. It does get to be a long day. You may want to bring a small flexible cooler with you . Depending on the temperature and the weather. Another thing would be lightweight rain covers and seat cushions.

You can also walk around the outside of the track where they have vendors handling race gifts and souvenirs to food. They also have activities for the kids and adults.

Take your cell phones or two way radios so you can contact your spouse in case you get separated.

Have fun... Enjoy.....