Speaker Connectors

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How to connect spade speaker connector?

Hi. I bought a pair of old Bose 901 speakers, but this pair has different connectors. My current speaker cables are just regular wires, but this one needs Y-shaped or spade(?) connectors. Where can I buy them or is it hard to connect them (do I need soldering?) Thank you!

Best Answer...


Spade connectors do provide the best connection as it has the most amount of surface area, and you can make a very tight connection. You can get spade connectors online or at any hi end audio video store. No the chain stores will not have them.

Spade connectors can be crimped or soldered. The advantage of soldered beside the tighter connection is that if the wire is properly tined where no wire is exposed to air, it will minimize the chances of the wire to corrode.

40 years hi-end audio video specialist