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Frequently Asked Questions...

Police Scanner Frequencies?

Looking for the frequencies for Baltimore County Police Fire ect (Maryland)! Thanks.

Best Answer...


It looks like your area hasn't gone to the newer Apco25 digital yet so you wont need the $500 digital scanner.... yet,

Here ya go, click your state and county and nearby counties, this is just the root of the post above

Now if you want to go a little farther there is 2 good ways to use the FCC's search tool, you don't need to buy any books for frequencies these have it all

Go here and do a "point radius" search, put in your latitude and longitude and say 25 miles to start, start small if you are in a heavily populated area, this will return anything that is licensed, so it can be a lot of data

Go here and put in "just" your zip code (or nearby one) this will return anything in that zip code, then click on the callsign on the left side to get all the info , antenna location, owner, frequency and so on, this too will return anything licensed so it may be a lot

Here are the 22 frequencies for those frs/gmrs radios that are all over, the ones on hangcards in Walmart/K-Mart

Here's the other kids fm walkie talkies and "babysitters" the sitters usually have an agc circuit that turns up the gain when the ambient sound level is low, they can sometimes pick up other areas of the house too......

You can get the "drive thrus" at fast food places, all kinds of stuff, if it has an antenna just google the name of the device with the word frequencies