Throat Vibration

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Am I ok? Trouble breathing?

For maybe 4 years now I've had a trouble breathing, now I haven't been checked for asthma. I've smoked once and I've grown up living in a smoking environment. So I don't think it's lung problems - hope not..
I get small pains in between or under my breasts and in order to get a deep breath or sometimes normal I have to yawn. I feel better breathing through my nose than mouth if that means anything.
And when I turn my torse left to right with my mouth open I can hear wheezing..and throat vibrations.

Any ideas..! Now this also goes away besides the wheezing, but it's re occurring for the tests

Best Answer...


All that smoke from growing up around it can hit you later on. It catches up with you. Do your best to stay away from smoke. Don't smoke! See a doctor about it because you might have some lung disease from being around smoke so much.