Watt Meter

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What would the rated power consumption of my oven and hot water cylinder be?

I'm doing an assignment, and need to compare the actual power consumption (measured using a watt-meter) of my oven and hot water cylinder, to the rated power consumption, but I can't find the rated power consumption anywhere on the oven/cylinder.

Roughly, can you please tell me what these ratings would be? I have a basic Fisher & Paykel Shacklock Multifunction oven, and a 180L low pressure hot water cylinder.

Best Answer...


You need to know the model numbers. If you can find those, then post them. Without more specific information no one can help you.

There should be rating plates on those devices.
The stove will have a plate rating similar to this one:
OR60 four-function models: 230-240V~ 2460-2680W 50Hz

You're interested in the Wattage. In the above case, it's 2460 Watts at 230 Volts and 2680 Watts at 240 Volts.

SO.. you have to know what voltage they are being supplied with, too. Where do you live? Power varies from country to country. If we know more we can help Otherwise, you can keep posting all over the Internet and no one will be able to help.