Coated Drill

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I drill through glazed clay with my diamond coated drill bit?

Do I use water and a friction-lesser? Do I duct tape my project to a big pillow to minimize vibrations? Do I drill fast? Do I drill slow.

Best Answer...


I often grind off glaze runs with a diamond bit, but that isn't an actual DRILL bit it is a diamond grinding bit for a rotary tool.
I soak the mug/pot whatever in water, let it stop dripping, the pottery should only be damp. Be careful not to have a wet hand touching the rotary tool!! Duh?!??
I turn my dremel on high and take short little swipes at the messed up glaze... I have never electrocuted myself, but I am cautious. I have never cracked or shattered a pot either, but then again, I have never attempted to drill a hole through glazed pottery. I have ground holes into (dampened) bisque many times and it works quite well.
If you are careful and take tiny little swipes on damp pottery, you should survive- Wear gloves and eye protection, glaze is mostly glass after all.