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Frequently Asked Questions...

Question on good reliable garage door openers?

Just had building built and new doors installed in it. Am thinking of getting automatic garage door openers for two of the overhead doors. They are commercial doors and are all 10 feet tall and two are ten ffet wide and one is 12 feet wide. I need to know the best door opener within a reasonable cost please. Something that is known to not tear uip or break often would be great.

Best Answer...


I'd contact a Liftmaster dealer, a very good brand. If you open these doors less than once an hour then you may be able to go residential rather than commercial and save alot of money. Your doors are relatively small for commercial doors and since it's the springs that actually do the work so you may not need a super unit.

At only 10' tall a trolley style would be ideal, a jackshaft opener is great if you don't have room for a trolley (or high ceilings), but the trolley will often get you a tighter seal to the floor.

Good Luck.