Cummins Diesel

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How much would it cost to fix a fuel leak ?

alright well i want to buy a truck and after asking if there was anything wrong with it he said it just had a fuel leak, (probably more but oh well) but it's a 1998 Dodge 2500 12 V cummins diesel so how much should i expect to pay at the average mechanic to find and fix a fuel leak?

Best Answer...


this could be a very expensive fuel pump, If you have a brain in your head, stop screwing around asking questions on ya, because without seeing where the fuel is leaking there is no way we can tell. Take the truck to a mechanic, most will give a free estimate, but for all you know the guy already did, and that's why he wants to sell it, because its broken. Trying to sell a broken truck means buy CHEAP!! A DIESEL FUEL PUMP FOR ONE OF THOSE THINGS IS SPENDY AS HELL. and since you need an estimate for the price of repairs, have your mechanic give it a good inspection, after all you should always take a car or truck to get a good mechanical inspection anyhow. And if the owner balks at this idea,, then he is hiding something, don't buy the truck. use your head, people sell or dump broken crap on others everyday, so don't be the sucker on the block this week, be the smart guy, who checked out the truck at a good shop. best of luck,