Galvanized Lag

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Structural engineering question. I am using a 1 3/4 x 11 7/8 Micro lam supported on either end with a poured?

foundation, and bolted with 1/2" galvanized lag bolts every 16" (staggered top and bottom) on center with lead shields to a block wall, 22' long to support a room addition with 11 7/8 tgi joists, 18' long.
The plans call for floor live loads of 40psf, and a mechanical unit load of 100psf. Also, nothing will bear on this ledger from above. Do you know of a website I can use to calculate the load? Do you think it will be sufficient?

Best Answer...


This is a ledger problem. Some considerations:

For block wall attachments, you need to calculate the net shear on the lag bolts and compare those forces with the allowable lag bolt shear.

With a 40 psf live load + probably 15 psf dead load, the total load to the each joist will be 55 psf*the spacing of the TJI joists which you did not give us.

In any event, the running load to the ledge is 18/2*55 = 495 plf.

The mechanical unit? exactly where is it relative to the 18' span and over how many joists will this unit be placed. Usually the joists are doubled up at the mechanical units. It will place a high shear load on the ledger beam.

There is no website that you can go to for this solution. You need to consult with a design professional structural engineer.

The solution also depends on what building code you are required to use and where you are geographically.

Good luck.