Held Core

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Yoga and Pilates are a good start before going into Ballet?

Best Answer...


Yes- I would suggest them. Pilates was originally designed with dancers in mind and the majority of concepts such as a strongly held core are the same. It also helps a lot with control and active flexibility (actually being able to "hold" a split position in a jete for instance as opposed to only being able to achieve a split position on the floor). Make sure you actually go to a class as most of the muscle contractions are often very subtle and make to easy to "cheat"- if an accredited instructor is watching you, they'll be able to let you know if you are doing the wrong thing and you'll progress so much faster. So they are very complimentary.

Yoga on the other hand is also good, but not so much designed for dancers- however depending on the technique, it can help a great deal with flexibility, balance and to some degree strength also. All to the advantage of a ballet dancer.