Hexagon Head

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Frequently Asked Questions...

i have a ford escort 94/94 m reg 1.6 lx 16v and chasing my thermostat sender cable i found a brown wire?

the brown and white small wire comes out of the others on its own from the top of the wire that goes to the thermotat casing it looks like it has come off? it has a rubber fixing on the top looks like it should clip on to something but i cant find where?
when i earth it and start the engine the temperature guage moves to the red? where does the wire go? please help?

Best Answer...


What your'e looking for is
either in the stat housing or in the head near the stat housing

it's a small unit
with a 13 mm hexagon head and what looks like a thread
coming out of the centreof it about 5 mm dia
thats where the wire fits on to

hope this helps

best wishes