Impact Wrench

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Impact Wrench RPMs for given amounts of torque?

I need an impact wrench to raise and lower steel poles from the ground. I've been looking online at impact wrenches, and they only give me the RPMs at zero torque. The pole is going to be between 200-300 pounds, and I need to know the RPM's at around 70 - 90 ft. lbs. of constant torque to raise these poles in under 30 seconds. Anyone have any idea? Thanks!

Best Answer...


I might have an answer but what I'm envisioning and what is really going on are 2 different worlds. I don't think you'll find any thing in the pneumatics that will fit the bill but just so you know an impacts ability for speed is relative to the amount of resistance it is up against. I.E. if those pole are torqueing at say 90 ftlbs then the impact will turn roughly about 300rpm's. what you're looking for is some thing that will spin at about 5600+ rpm's. of course the impact will spin faster under higher pressures