Lamp Ballast

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Frequently Asked Questions...

I am changing lamp from t12 to t8, question?

i have an old t12 magnetic rapid start 2 lamp ballast for 2 40 watt t12's
i know it will work to replace it with the new t8 type, but how do i connect the the 2 blue wires from the new ballast to the 2 blue and 2 red wires from the old ballast? do i just connect the red one to the 2 yellows?

this is the ballast i am using

Best Answer...


Just trust the schematic printed on the new ballast. I always make fresh connections in this case because the T12 wire insulation is quite often baked and brittle and there is usually a surpplus of wire. There would be 4 yellow wires attaching to the red wire,one yellow goes to each individual prong on that end of the bulbs. On the other end of the bulbs, 2 red wires,one on each contact for one bulb,then attached to one blue and then 2 blue wires on the other contacts for the other bulb which will attach to the other blue.