Pipe Threading

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Help on pipe threads?

I want to use a fire extinguisher for an air cannon/potato Laucher/spud gun. I made sure there was no pressure left and opened it up. It appeared as 1" pipe threads (NPT I assume) but when I'm at ACE hardware with the tank inside, the 1" nipple is loose but kinda tightens, so I tried a 1 1/4" nipple, it was too big. What is this thread? Is it ok that the 1" is really loose for the first 2 or 3 revolutions tightening it( I could jiggle is around) but after 3 or 4 twist it tightened good and tight, will that be fine with yellow gas Teflon tape? Why was it so loose at first, it was like normal loose(I could wiggle it at first)

Best Answer...


Those are proprietary threads on the fire extinguisher. They are made only for fire extinguishers and don't match any standard pipe threads you can buy.
It might work fine with enough teflon tape, if there is enough metal-to metal "bite" to hold it in place.
If not, the pressure could blow the fitting off.
Could be dangerous. I would try it, but secure the fitting in place mechanically.
I'm not sure of your piping arrangement, but a stainless hose clamp or a nylon rope come to mind.
These are not to keep it from leaking air, they are to keep it from hitting you in the face if the fitting breaks.
Most fire extinguishers were made to handle over 100 psi, but check the manufacturers rating for yours before pumping it up.