Powder Actuated

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Does the Hammer blow go through hardwood?

Im planning on making a window seat and I found a you-tube video how to. The thing is that I have hardwood and he had rug. Is this going to pose as a problem? Here is the video. Please watch it. Then my Question will make more sense.


Thank you so much

Best Answer...


I wasn't terribly impressed with what he created in the video and mckindle is right. In the video he's attaching the base plate into concrete, so he used a powder actuated fastener which uses a gunpowder to fire a nail into a very hard surface. You don't need that. Any time you're doing things for yourself, I recommend using screws because they hold much better than nails and they can be removed with much less effort if you've made an error or when it's time to make a change. You can simply use 3 inch drywall screws to secure the 2 x 4 to the floor, if that's what you're planning to do. Predrill the holes about the same or slightly smaller diameter as the shaft of the screw if you're having trouble driving them in with a battery powered drill.

I also recommend some sort of lid support for window seats, especially if there are little kids around so their fingers don't get pinched. These can be found at a mail order place like Woodcraft, though home centers have a couple to choose from. I've also seen doors on window seats that can either appear as regular cabinet doors or be inset to the frame so they're not as obvious.

Hope that helps. You don't need a Hilti or other nail shooter to go into wood. A regular nail gun would work, but I'd still use screws in my own house.