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What is the best PREMIUM dry cat food?

Since adopting my 2.5 year old female cat from the local humane society, I have been feeding her Eukanuba adult chicken & rice formula. She likes it well enough, but I've been looking at a few other foods and thinking maybe I should switch/upgrade.

First up, "Chicken Soup..." brand seems pretty popular, and I've heard that Innova Evo is the absolute best there is (with no fillers and 50% protein content). I won't buy Iams or Science Diet, as those are technically WORSE than Eukanuba.

Anyone have any experience with the foods I mentioned?

(Please don't waste my time with silly answers)

Best Answer...



Innova Evo is by far the BEST food on the market for cats. It is the ONLY grain free, high protein food that uses ONLY fresh, whole human grade ingredients.

Chicken Soup is good but I would never trust the manufacuturer. Chicken... is made by Diamond which recently had a huge recall on food for contaminated products. Chicken... is definitely their higher end line but I personally would trust the company.

The good thing about Natura (makers of Innova) is they stand as one of the most consistent and strict manufacturers of pet foods. They are one of the only few companies that have been certified to have facilities that are good enough to produce organic food. That means, any product you get from them is chemical free and you don't have to worry about what is going in the food besides the listed ingredients.

Another good thing about the Natura Company is that they are one of the only companies that will not produce a bag of food until it is order. So, when my distributor orders from the company, they produce the food, through it on a truck and it arrives at her warehouse. This means fresh food that does not sit on the shelf for months.

The ONLY thing about Innova Evo is that it is very high in protein. I had switched my cat to this when it first came out and he got really smelly. The ONLY reason I switched him back to the regular Innova was because I was in an apartment and I respect other tenents. He is doing superb on the regular Innova though and I would NEVER feed another brand.

I would strongly urge that you go with Innova, either the regular or the Evo. It just can't be beat.

Oh, and on a side note, just as another poster mentioned, be very wary of Vet advice on nutrition as they receive little nutrition training and that which they do receive is funded by Science Diet so of course their opinion is bias.

I gave a thumbs up to the other answers that you should consider.

Good luck and congrats on making a good choice for your cats health.