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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the best way to roll paint on a living room wall?

I am painting two living rooms walls and the kitchen, as well. I can roll most of the living room, but not too much of the kitchen, as there are lots of small spaces.

What is the best way to roll paint without streaking? Also, is there a trick to get the last few inches next to the ceiling and corners, in a way that still looks fluid with the roller part? I have everything taped off.

Any tips on brush painting the kitchen would help, too! Thanks!

Best Answer...


I always "cut-in" the corners of the room before I roll the paint. Use a good quality angled brush and plenty of paint. When you feel the brush start to drag, it's time to load it with more paint. I find many people try to paint too much wall with too little paint. Then, when you roll the paint, you see a difference. When I worked for a paint store, we were taught to begin rolling by a "W" on the wall and then go back and fill it in by rolling up/down/sideways. It seems to work well for avoiding streaks. Also, if you are using more than one gallon of paint it's wise to mix them in a large 5 gal. bucket so the color is perfectly consistent.

As for brushing the kitchen, it is just tedious work. There seem to be no quick ways to do it because there is so much cutting in. Good luck.