Seal Kitjohn

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Seal Kitjohn

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Review Of Flex Seal

It took only a moment for me to find out that my roof was leaking, last year when it rained cats and dogs. I was worried to find out that the water was seeping inside my bedroom. I tried to figure out how my furniture could be protected from damage from the rain water. No roofing company would come in such rain and thunder to fix my roof. I knew it wasn't possible to fix my roof until the rain stops. So I figured out I had no other option but to watch my furniture ruin in front of me. Although I removed the mattress, there was nothing I could do about the bid which was too heavy to even budge. Hence, I just went downstairs to imagine what kind of damage was happening upstairs.

I went up to see what damage the rain had caused after the rain stopped pouring. The polish had come out and there were spots on the wood frame. To make it worse, the carpet on the corners of the room were all soaked with water. I wondered where the water had come from. Since the water from the leaking roof had only seem to be dripping on the bed, I was a bit mesmerized to find my carpet wet too. But then I found out that the window was also cracked. Although the crack was not a big one but still it had created a big damage to my bedroom. If had found out those faults before, this damage could have been prevented.

The next day, I called a roofing company, window repair company, carpet company and the furniture store. I called them all at the same time and everything got repaired in less than an hour but it definitely took more time for me to get relaxed after they presented the bill. They billed me a total of a few thousand dollars, worth my two month salary. I obviously had to take a payday loan to pay them. however, I told my friend about it and she told me about flex seal. I was spell bounded when I saw the reviews on the internet about flex seal and how such a cheap bottle can be so helpful. It is often referred to as handyman in a can.

Flex seal is liquidized rubber that comes in a spray bottle. When we spray flex seal on the cracks, it seeps inside, fills them up and instantly solidifies. The best thing was I could have used it to fix my leaking roof myself instead of paying huge bills to those companies. The best thing I don't have to wait for the rain to stop; I can just do it while it is raining since it instantly solidifies and is completely waterproof.

After I learned these facts, I immediately bought two bottles of flex seal. This year when it rained, I was kind of shocked to realize our my roof leaking again. But now, I used flex seal on the cracks and it instantaneously stopped leaking. I wasn't anticipating such wonderful results.

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