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Frequently Asked Questions...

Do you turn off the wall socket of your computer?

CPU<--> UPS <--> Wall socket( button / switch )

so when you shut down your pc do you keep the switch off or keep it on?
it's the socket where your UPS is connected.

Should i keep it on or off?
My UPS is fully charged.

The bios cell will need a continuous flow of current or no?
^BIOS battery* not cell
@Chris G doesn't the battery needs a continuous flow ?
It's a desktop and i mean the wall outlet where the UPS is connected.
You know the buttons you can use to switch your fan, fridge, tubelights on and off.. that ON and OFF button..
when UPS is connected to it, UPS is charging.

Thanks for all of your answers, I got what i wanted.. I will switch the button off to save power / electricity.

Best Answer...


The BIOS battery is only that and used to maintain the BIOS settings. It is not a rechargable battery. It is no different than that used in flash lights or other things that uses batteries. It is not charged from anything. If you mean an external PSU plugged into a wall outlet you leave it on. If you mean the power supply adapter for a laptop, it the battery is fully charged it doesn't matter if you unplug it or not, they work like trickle chargers and turn off when the battery is fully charged when not in use. It is a little confusing to exactly what you mean.