Wisconsin Robin

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how do you take the drive sprocket off the crankshaft...?(read details)?

ok i got this 8hp wisconsin robin engine that i want to put onto my go kart
it came out of a power washer
but theres something on the crankshaft that i need to take off so i can put the drive sprocket on and connect it to my go kart
how do i do it does anyone know how to do it ?
know any website that has a video that can help me out?

Best Answer...


without a pic it is a guess

anything on a drive shaft is "usually" press fit on and utilizes either a spline or a key to keep it from rotating and is normally secured by a bolt.
if the bolt is off then u probably need a gear puller to pull "it" off.
look for one at your local auto parts store. Just make sure u get the right size and type for the shaft.