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Frequently Asked Questions...

I would like an approximate value of a hand gun, amadeo rossi 38 special?

this gun is in excellent condition. I bought it along with another one from a registered dealer in pa. I felt it was too heavy so never used it. it has stainless steel barrel, 2 inch barrel, nice wood handle , 38 special made by Amadeo Rossi (Interarms-made in brazil) then has Alexandera , Virginia on it as well.

Best Answer...


A snub nose by an under-appreciated company like Rossi won't go for much. Couple in the fact that it is only a .38 special and not .357, won't give you the best resell value in the world.

I wouldn't pay over $225.00 for it, and I would try to get it under $200.00. I don't like snub nosed revolvers. However, that doesn't mean that someone else won't pay more for it! It is your weapon, you kept it in good condition. Perhaps someone is willing to pay around $300.00? Who knows.

Most ffls will charge $100.00 for transfer fees. The best price I found without looking hard is $257.00 for a brand new gun. Couple in the $100.00 transfer fee, and you have a new Rossi (not a snub nose, so worth more) at $357.00.