Carpet Knee

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computer safety equipment at work?

I work at a school as a IT support worker and i have to go around all day under desks and in the office fixing, cleaning, replacing and installing both desktop and laptop computers. all i wear is formal shoes, trousers a shirt and tie, i also have long hair and have to put up / take down computers mounted from floor, wall and ceiling, without asking my boss and looking stupid, what safety equipment might be worth investing in? dangers if banging my head, breathing in cleaning chemmicals etc any help? i have looked at places like and seems there maybe more to it, bending down and scraping knees on old capet etc hurts along with whatever things have fallen / been on peoples shoes.

Best Answer...


1 dump the shoes and get a good pair of steel toe shoes or boot (wolverine or capitaler ) drop something on your foot the steel toe will save yo ua lot of pain

2 back belt if you doing a lot of lifting and if you on your knees alot and on carpet knee pads or some kind of protection or cusion on your knees trust me on that you find out when you get my age how much that get to you.

3 leatherman great tool to have on you comes in handy.multi tool where you always have a screw driver plyers or needle nose handy at all times

4 mag mini flash light wear on your belt next to your leatherman for when you have to go under desk better to see what you doing

5 can air to blow out the dust on the computer inside just make sure you take the cpu outside for this task or you piss a bunch on people off ( did that once just cas the guy was a A hole) it was funny

i wear jeans or shorts when it hot

banging your head just have to watch what you doing don't want to walk around with a crash helmet on