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Chisel Driver

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How to Use Canon iC MF4270 Printer Driver for Windows Vista in Windows 7

Most of the programs written for Windows Vista also work in Windows 7, but in some cases, some old programs might run improperly or even not work at all in Windows 7. Because some old devices such as printer or monitor require specialized driver utilities, so the differences between Vista and Windows 7 could prevent the driver from installing and working in the new operating system. In order to use those advanced features of
the Canon iC MF4270 Printer
in Windows 7, you’d better to install the specialized driver for Windows 7. However, if the proper driver download for Windows 7 is not available, you might need to use driver for Vista in Windows Compatibility Mode.


1. Go to the CANON’s website. Enter the model number of your CANON printer in the search box, and then you will have a list of available driver and software downloads. Choose the latest driver software of the Windows Vista to download, and keep the driver update files in a local folder.

2. Click on the Start button in the left hand corner of your desktop and then choose Computer. Locate to the folder, right-click on the driver setup file and then choose Troubleshoot compatibility on the pop-up menu.

3. The Program Compatibility Wizard appears in a new window. Wait for the Windows 7 to scan the file and detect what issues may make the program incompatible with Windows 7.

4. The wizard will give you a list of choices after the scanning. Choose The program works in earlier version of Windows but won’t install or run now. And then click Next.

5. In the next window, choose Windows Vista and Next.

6. The next window is about the compatibility mode modes settings for you to review. The setting should be as follows:

Windows compatibility mode: Windows Vista

Display settings: Normal

User Account Control: Normal

Click Next.

7. The installation wizard for the Canon iC MF4270 Printer driver will appear, and you should follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver.

8. Wait until the installation finishes, and then reboot your computer. The Canon iC MF4270 Printer should work properly in Windows 7 now.

Instructions above are help you to run the Canon iC MF4270 Printer driver for Vista in compatibility mode in Windows 7. But if you want a simple and effective method to install the driver, you should download software which will assist you in driver update. The driver update tool such as Driver Checker will scan your system to find out outdated, incompatible or corrupted drivers and download the latest versions of drivers. It saves your time and keeps your
Canon iC MF4270 Printer driver
always up-to-date.

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