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Frequently Asked Questions...

how to build a concrete/brick extension for the driveway of a house?

our driveway has no room to walk after 2 cars are parked. the passenger of the left car always ends up getting out of the car and walking on the grass. we want to widen the driveway about 4 feet into the grass, making it 3/4 concrete and the last 4th for a little brick walkway. is this a do-it-yourselfer, or would i need to hire a contractor? we are trying to be as budget friendly as possible, so if it is a diy job, advice on how to do it would be great to hear. if not, how much does this type of job usually cost? thanks for any helpful advice.
edit-*passenger of the right has to walk on the grass

Best Answer...


It's not a difficult job - whether or not you hire a contractor depends on how much work you want to do. Me and the father in law did my driveway (about 40 feet long and 8 or so feet wide) ourselves.

- hired a digger, dug down about... 18 inches or thereabouts. A little deeper in a couple of spots due to excessive clay in the soil. Filled a skip with the stuff.
- put down hardcore & scalpings (I don't know what you call this in the states - it's like big gravel), for a good 8 inches depth.
- put down chippings to dust (again, I don't know the name for this over there - it's like finer gravel and dust) roughly to the depth of the paving tiles we were using.
- put a vibrating plate on all of it. Also drove up and down it for a week or so, let rain settle it, etc.
- put down sand, then driveway bricks, then kiln dried sand to fill the gaps and used the vibrating plate again.

Took a few weekends. I'm not a manual labour kind of guy.

If you're only using bricks on the walkway, you'll not need a lot of hardcore beneath it, topped with sand (and some concrete edgers). For the actual driveway itself (if it's all concrete) I'd probably only use a few inches (6 to 8) of concrete and nothing else depending on what your soil's like.

I'd just give it a go if I were you. Plan everything first!