Drywall Panel

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PANEL MASTER AUTO FEED EXTENDED SCREW GUN easily panel roofs and hang drywall
PANEL MASTER AUTO FEED EXTENDED SCREW GUN easily panel roofs and hang drywall
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Drywall Panel

A different viewpoint (jsonline)

The “project” was recently finished. Unfortunately, the errors
were glaringly obvious.

Sharp edges stuck up from the unevenly installed floor tile, endangering toes
and feet of anyone stepping out of the bathtub. This presumed, of course, the
person hadn’t slipped and fell as the tub shifted when they stepped into

Stress cracks were already appearing in the wall where bath tile met drywall.
The shower door didn’t close due to the unlevel wall.

The project was supposed to be a complete bathroom remodeling. It turned into
a complete nightmare.

Worse yet, the bathroom was the only one in the home. There was no place else
to go.

The contractor had sold the job, and then reneged on his promises. When the
Waukesha homeowner complained, he became angry and aggressive toward her.

Ken Connor stepped into the mess afterward. The homeowner was referred to him
by a friend, months after the other contractor had taken the money and left.

“She was like ‘I can’t live like this anymore. This has to
be fixed,’” Connor recalled from his initial meeting with the
Waukesha homeowner.

Some of the mistakes were stunning. The tub area was incorrectly framed. The
fiberglass tub moved because ...


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Drywall Panel Hoist #99645

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