Drywall Stilts

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how do you walk on drywall stilts?

where do you place the back strap and upper support?

Best Answer...


I don't anymore. I have in the past. sit on a ladder, place your feet on the footpads, strap the feet in, and then there are two or three straps from the ankle area to the knee area. They do not go above the knee.

There are side supports on the upper portion. The front of the shins and back of the calves are held in place with nylon webbing. Stay on flat surfaces, and be very careful where you step.

Good luck, they can throw you real bad. Even 24 to 30 inches is a long way to fall, especially when your legs are flailing about. Now that I think about it, they strap on a lot like my cam boot.