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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I get more topspin on my FOREHAND groundstroke?

I've been a varsity tennis player on the girl's team at my school every single year, however I'm fed up with my forehand being so flat! Recently I've started to play with the boys and they constantly tell me to get more topspin.

I use a Head MicroGel Radical racquet, and I have a lot of natural power.

I would like to keep the power b/c I'm one of the strongest players on my team but I just need more spin so I can really throw off my competition (most girls in our league do not play with topspin)

Any grip, set up, or follow through I should try out to get more topspin?

PS: My coach only runs us through volley drills and he is the type to say "it doesn't matter how you hit it, you just need to get it over and in." So pretty much consider him out of the picture.

Best Answer...


you have to use a wind shield whiper forehand which means your racket strings on contact are facing you and during the follow through as well make sure you are able to completly see the strings if you can then you know u are hiting with spin