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upgrading my computer....what should i get?

I've got a desktop pc with an AMD +2800 cpu, nVidia 7800 GS agp card, 2 gigs of ram, and 240 gigs of space in a 160/80 setup. Without having to spend too much money i want to upgrade, but i dont know what would be the best thing to get performance wise... My choices seem to be higher grade ram, an NIC card (network something or other, to prioritize internet transmissions), a higher grade cpu that my mobo can handle (socket a/949 i believe). I would like to avoid a new mobo as that would entail getting new everything else. A brief explanation on which part would be best and why would be a wonderful answer, thanks!

Best Answer...


Vista certainly won't improve performance on that hardware.
A new NIC isn't going to make any significant improvement on your PC either. The cheapest upgrade would be more RAM, since the RAM handles all the on the fly transactions to memory this can often be a slow point, and of course you're going to see a good improvement if you can obtain a new CPU as that handles all the other system intensive calculations

You seem to have a grasp of what your machine does.. you might find that simply backing up your data, formatting your harddrive and reinstalling windows (and you're other applications and games) significantly improves the speed.

Windows(all versions) slow down after 6 months to a year and get slower as you install more things (even if you uninstall them again).

Finally, consider what you're actually using your machine for. If its gaming and the new games are slowing down you're going to need a whole new rig every 3 to 4 years. If its just general day to day stuff, Internet browsing, writing letters etc then I'd say a bit of RAM and format and reinstall of windows are where you need to be.