Hoist Dry

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Hoist Dry

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How To Treat Your Dog's Dry Skin

The fall season can be a dry time of year especially when the temperatures start dropping and the coolness of winter begins to set in.  A lack of moisture in the air makes for a water deprived environment and can lead to many problems like dry skin and stuffy noses.  This can also affect your dog greatly because they too can show the same symptoms that you do when the seasons turn dry and the lack of moisture in the air becomes inevitable. There are things you can do though to keep your dogs skin free from the dryness and cracking that always seems to bother them every year.  I recently noticed that my dog has been scratching quite a bit and that it seemed to really bother him.  In some cases the dry skin and itching could be an indicator of a more serious problem, but most often it is simply the lack of moisture in the skin therefore it becomes dry and itchy.   One tip for keeping your dog’s skin healthy and free from dryness and cracking is to use a good moisturizing shampoo on a regular basis.  This will condition the skin and keep it from getting to dry.  Oatmeal shampoo works great because it is very soothing for their skin and it helps protect from dryness and itchiness.  You’ll want to try and bath your dogs on a regular basis in order to allow the shampoo to really take affect.   If the standard shampoo does not clear up the dry skin and you need something a little more affective, you may want to consider a medicated shampoo.  Another reason for using a medicated shampoo would be if your dogs skin becomes irritated.  The medicated shampoo is made to treat the irritated and possibly infected skin and help move the healing process along.  You can bath your dog, or at least apply the medicated shampoo to the affected areas at least every other day until the affected areas have healed.   There are also a number of different moisturizing sprays that are made to help sooth dry, irritated skin and prevent licking so that the infected areas can heal properly.  Moisturizing sprays contain an antiseptic which helps the affected areas heal more quickly and also reduces the amount of discomfort that is caused by red, irritated, dry skin. Another indirect solution for your dog’s dry skin would be to properly control the humidity of your own home.  As you already know, the fall and winter seasons produce drier climates so there is a need for you to keep your home properly humidified.  Keeping the humidity level in your home up during the dry times of the year can also prevent your dog’s skin from becoming dry and itchy. There are many solutions for keeping your dog’s skin healthy and taking advantages of some of these tips will help keep your dog more comfortable during the dry times of the year. Find dogs for sale , alpacas for sale , and other animals for sale at FarmMedley.com.

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