Marshalltown Trowel

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Frequently Asked Questions...

plastering trowel?

i bought a marshalltown trowel last week and its got black marks on it wich wont come off do you have any idea on what it is and how do it get it off? ive only used it twice and cleaned it both times.

Best Answer...


If you are unsatisfied wit the trowel,take it back for a new one. Marshalltown sticks by their tools,and will be glad to exchange it. Where are the Black Marks showing up? On the Handel,or the metal part ? Either way, you can use a little bleach,and some steel wool to clean it off. Or you can use sandpaper. Either way, use a wax coat or an oil coat on it after you have used the bleach. I have Dad's Marshalltown Trowels.They are at least 70 or 80 years old. Yes they have some stains on the handles,a few pits in them,and some signs of rust. But once cleaned up with steel wool and waxed,they look to cool to use.I have them now hanging on the wall along with a couple of Disston Handsaws that are a couple of years old. 100 at least. Some Monkey Wrenches made in 1920, and a few other old hand tools. They get better with age,and looking "Used" makes them even better!