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Frequently Asked Questions...

circular saw blade change - could it possibly to counter clockwise?

hi. got a regular b&d 71/4 circular saw (model 7308). i have always removed the bolt to change blades by turning it the opposite way of the saw rotation. However, this bolt will not BUDGE? Is it possible that I am in fact tightening it by trying to turn it the opposite of the blade rotation?

Note the blade rotates counter clockwise so I am attempting to loosen it by turning clockwise.
so there are a lot of answers saying right-tyu tighty, lefty loosey. I was definitely told in the past and there are some other posts that to counter the effects of the saw rotation that these bolts turned the OPPOSITE of most/that. Is this wrong? There definitely seems to be some contrary opinions out there. thanks for the advice tho'

Best Answer...


righty tighty, lefty losey. circular saws have a pressure washer between blade and nut.