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Setstanley Tools

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Beyond the basic wire fencing tools there are a number of specialty wire fence tools

Beyond the basic wire fencing tools there are a number of specialty wire fence tools for heavier duty applications or high-production applications. But, here are the wire fencing tools used to install and maintain wire fence. The most common and probably the most recognizable wire fence tool is simply called a "fence tool" or "fence pliers." A fence tool is the "Swiss Army Knife" of fence mending: it's many tools in one. It functions as a hammer, wire cutters, crimpers and a lever. Fence tools are commonly used to repair sections of wire fence by splicing in a new section of wire and twisting it or weaving it into the existing wire.

You can cut wire fence with hand shears or "nippers" or "dikes." But, these tools don't offer a lot of leverage. If you're going to be doing a lot of cutting, you're better off with larger wire cutters. Ideal cutters for wire fence are the same high-leverage design as bolt-cutters, but somewhat smaller. Rather than 2 or 3 feet in length, cutters for fence may be 12 to 16 inches long which gives you better leverage and less strain on the hands.

Wire fences require wire to be pulled taught before it is joined together. A variety of tools accomplish this task and they go by a variety of names. Sometimes a simple "come-a-long" is used. It is basically a hand-winch. Stretcher bar pullers use a chain and lever design. Inline strainers employ a ratcheting mechanism to pull the wire taught before it is fastened.

Other wire fencing tools are critical for installing and mending fence posts used in conjunction with wire fencing. Metal T-bar posts are common, as are wood posts. T-bar posts are designed to be pounded into soil without digging a hole. They are generally pounded into place with a hand-held pounder which is much easier than using a sledge hammer. With larger fence posts, holes must be dug in advance. Posthole diggers are especially well-suited as they dig a small diameter hole and remove the soil effectively.

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