Shank Twist

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What kinda English bit for this horse?

Yes his teeth have been done and it's nothing medical. Anyways I have 17h tb who I used to run barrels with I used to ride him in a long shank twisted dog bone he was perfect with that bit I have even done English flat work and he works awesome in it. But I haves switched to jumpers with him and I ride him in a easy plain gental snaffle I have trouble stopping him in this ( it's not because he is hyper ) and I don't get the head set like want but when I rode him a the western bit he gave me his perfect headset without me fighting with him but in this snaffle I have no control what do you guys suggest for an English bit?

Best Answer...


You got the perfect headset because you were using a horrible bit! If this is the bit you are using then i'm not suprised the horse was acting well, it's a very harsh bit.

stay in the snaffle.