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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I remove a dashboard for a 1996 ford mustang??

Basically I am trying to hook up a rca style plug into the back of my after-market radio so I can use my ipod as a source of music while I am driving. Thanks!!

Best Answer...


I have a ford (cougar) so I'm guessing it's similar. I would imagine there are probably push pins along the bottom holding the dash and screws holding the dash together. You're going to have to remove all of those (there will be a lot). Unplug all of the electrical connections (headlights, heat or anything else that is attached to the dash) Sometimes there is just a shroud that goes over where the radio is and you can pop that off and there's a couple bolts (fords are usually the T-star Torx bolts like a T-25 and T-30). Fords usually aren't that easy though. Most fords use a DIN tool but since you have an aftermarket radio already installed you might have to take the whole dash off. Otherwise, you might just have to pop the dash kit off for the after-market radio. It's not all too bad, sometimes you just have to be easy and have a lot of patience with getting it over the steering wheel, a good trick is to make sure the tilt steering wheel is down all the way so you can pull it up over the dash. Just be easy on the dash - it's cheap plastic that cracks and breaks very easy so don't manhandle it too much. Good luck, and I hope this helps.