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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do you disassemble a Vermont American Right-Angle adapter from a Black and Decker drill?

Best Answer...


Open the drill chuck FULLY. Look inside the open chuck and you will see an allen screw. This screw holds the chuck in place on the spindle of the right angle attachment. With an allen wrench, remove the allen screw, being careful that the threads are left-handed (reverse threads) so it will seem as though you are tightening the screw when you are actually loosening it.

With the allen screw fully removed, take the allen wrench and close the chuch down on the short side, as you would chuck up a drill bit. This leaves the long side of the allen wrench protruding at a right angle to the closed chuck. It should look like a 90 degree bent drill bit closed in the chuck at this point.

Place the shaft of the right angle attachment (drill still attached at this point) in a vise, not too tight or you will damage the angle attachment, leaving the chuck free to move.
Lightly tap the long end of the allen wrench with a hammer at it's very end in a counter-clockwise direction (normal lefty-loosey direction) of the chuck rotation and the chuck will break free and spin off the right angle attachment.

Un-screw it off the spindle in other words, using the allen wrench as a chuck removal tool handle. the chuck will be quite tight fitting on the spindle, so you may need to get a little aggressive with the hammer to break it free.

At this point, with the chuck removed from the right angle attachment, it should be simply loosen the bolts on the angle attachment and it will slide off the drill spindle. install the chuck on the drill spindle, dont forget the reverse threads on the allen screw when reinstalling.