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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is absolute or maximum error in a reading?

Suppose We have vernier caliper and its least value is 0.1mm.What is its absolute error and what are absolute error of reading of micrometer and other quantities. PLZ help

Best Answer...


A precise answer requires a precise question.

IF the vernier scale is analog & the smallest division = 0.1 mm, the error of estimation is assumed to be one half of this division, ie = ± 0.05 mm

IF the vernier is digital & calibrated & the smallest readout = 0.1 mm there is zero error of estimation.

For analog scale instruments there is an "error of estimation" since readings include an estimated significant digit. (to the closest 1/2 of smallest division of scale).

For digital scale instruments, once calibrated, they digitally read to the max significance w/o any estimation by user.