Aircraft Cable

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Frequently Asked Questions...

I'm having trouble with this problem. Can anyone help solve.?

A random sample of 40 rolls of 5/16 inch diameter aircraft cable was taken from the recent production of the Calamity Cable Company. A piece was selected from each roll and fastened into a mechanical stretcher which could read the force which broke the cable. The mean of the 40 samples was 517 pounds with a sample standard deviation of 44 pounds. What is the 99% confidence level of the true mean, m, of the breaking strength of that kind of CCC's cable?

possible solutions from book.....

a. 510 < m < 524

b. 506 < m < 528

c. 501 < m < 533

d. 499 < m < 535

e. 497 < m < 537

f. none of these

Best Answer...


Since we do not know the population standard deviation, we will have to use the T interval.
After reading the problem, we know that...
- x-bar (the sample mean)=517
- s (sample standard deviation)=44
- n (the same size)=40
- Confidence level is 99% or 0.99
If you have a TI-83/84 plus calculator then go to...
Inpt: Stats
x-bar: 517
Sx: 44
n: 40
C-Level: 0.99
and press "calculate"
So the interval is (498.16, 535.84). I think the solution is d.