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Frequently Asked Questions...

Boot style for Salomon S710 bindings and Boot size Difference?

I am about to purchase used skis with Salomon S710 bindings. The only thing is the owner boot size is approx 12 mens and I am a size 10 1/2 mens. Will I be able to find a new boot to fit these bindings? Will I need to have the bindings reset on the ski or will there be enough adjustment in the binding to fit my 10 1/2 boot?

Best Answer...


50/50 chance you'll have to have the bindings re-mounted. In a lot of cases you can simply have the rear binding moved forward enough that it will take the new boot. However there is always the chance that when the original mounting was done the shop mounted the rear binding so far back that simply moving the slider up still won't make the new boot fit properly. Likewise, moving the rear binding forward may throw off the balance point of the ski just enough that you'll have some unwanted chatter in the tails.

For about $30 most ski shops will be able to do a full re-balance and new mount provided the bindings are in good shape and still meet current DIN requirements.