Bulk Rubber

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Where to buy bulk rubber mulch?

I am going to put rubber mulch in two large areas on my front yard. The only place I have even found the stuff was Home Depot but they sell them in small .8 cubic foot bags. Does anyone know a site where I can purchase bigger bags of rubber mulch?

Best Answer...


I work with Recycled Rubber Products where we manufacture and sell rubber mulch in bulk and in 50lb bags. We have a variety of different types of mulch as well as offer several beautiful colors. You can take a look at our products on our web site www.recycledrubber.biz. There you can look at all of our products and the different colors we have. If you would like I can help you out with any other questions you have just call at 815-436-5587 and one of my sales team reps will help you out.