Definite Purpose

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Would you risk your life to save someone else?

If there was a 50/50 chance you would die, would you answer be different if it was a child?

Best Answer...


Let's see how to answer this. If I were walking down a street and saw a burning house and heard someone yelling from inside the house for help and I were the only person around, I would try to save them, putting my life in the balance, because I believe the Lord put me there at that time and would do what is best - whether I lived or died. If it were a choice between my son or husband living, I would definitely give my life for them. I'm not saying my life is worth less then there's by giving it up for them, it means my life was more precious in the giving. I believe the Lord put us on this earth with a very definite purpose in mind, and if it is to save the life of a man, woman or child - family or not family - then I am proud I could save them, for them to carry on THEIR purpose the Lord has planned for them.