Fall Protection

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Who do I contact for illegal fall protection if this is illegal?

I worked for a tire shop that I believe did something extremely unethical and dangerous. They had bought their own tires and stored them on tire racks which were about 25 feet high and about 8 feet per story.

The manager makes the employee's climb the tire racks to get the tires from the top part of the rack. He gives you no fall protection and no kind of ramp or no ladder. You are basically climbing up steel columns.

I know you have to have fall protection working over 6 feet and getting tires off of the top rack is consider work. Who should I contact so no one gets injured?

I almost fell off the top rack one time which may have killed me, kind of a personal issue.

Best Answer...


Maybe OSHA? Part of the US Dept. of Labor. Here's a link to report.