Front Coverall

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Blue KleenGuard A65 Flame Resistant Coverall With Zipper Front 25 Per Case
Blue KleenGuard A65 Flame Resistant Coverall With Zipper Front 25 Per Case
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Front Coverall

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Orange SPV M3100: Sophisticated style, impressive performance.

Since its inception in April 1994, Orange have came a long way. All the models introduced by Orange has an element of uniqueness and identity of its own. The recently releasedOrange SPV M3100has done considerably well to live up to the high expectation after other successful models.

Orange SPV M3100is essentially a handheld with functionality comparable to that of a laptop. This PDA features immense power of technologies like 3G, GPRS, EDGE, WiFi and HSDPA connectivity. The handheld has a large touchscreen that consumes most of the front and delivers more than 262k colours. Navigation through the stylus or the jog-dial is very easy and swift. But the most amazing trick up the sleeve of theOrange SPV M3100is its sliding QWERTY keyboard. The display too changes from portrait to landscape mode as soon as the keypad is slide opened.

Being a Window Mobile 5.0 device, theOrange SPV M3100has all Microsoft Office capabilities. Working on MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint is just like any computer. Sending and receiving your business and personal mail with attachments is no big deal. With theOrange SPV M3100, you can also edit attachments. Unfortunately, MSN messenger is missing from the feature list. 3G technology of theOrange SPV M3100makes it possible for you to make and receive video calls. Conference calling is supported too.

TheOrange SPV M3100also give you your share of fun in work. You can capture great photographs with the integrated 2.0 megapixel camera. You can save your favourite tracks in the internal memory of 128 Mb which is expandable with external memory card and listen to them on the Window Media Player. If you're into gaming, download as many Java games as you want and play them to unwind.

If you have lived with theOrange SPV M3100for a while, you will wonder how you ever did without it.Ben Bradley is webmaster of
Mobile Phones.
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Orange SPV M3100, please visit

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