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Frequently Asked Questions...

Where can I find a replacement heat exchanger for a 27 year old York furnace?

I can not replace the whole furnace due to limited budget and mostly attic access problems. So I need to find a heat exchanger that I can replace the cracked one with. York furnace model #P1HGD15N10001a (1980ish). Or can it be retrofitted with a newer heat exchanger. Is there a creativeway to do that?

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Freezing near Detroit.

Best Answer...


I wouldn't even think about replacing the heat exchanger in a 27 year old furnace. Even if you could find one for that furnace, you would still have a 27 year old furnace that is going to cause you more problems down the road. Companys do offer financing for replacement of heating and air conditioning products. No you can't "retofit" a newer heat exchanger of a different brand or even a York brand. Sorry. Any question feel free to email me.