Hex Nuts

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I remove stuck hex nut?

I have a hux nut screwed onto a threaded shaft that I cannot remove. One side of the shaft has a very flat disk (like a push pin) and the other side has the nut screwed on. When I try to loosen the nut, the whole thing rotates. I cannot grab onto the flat disk well enough to hold the shaft stationary while turning the nut . I also cannot grab on the the shaft because there is not enough room. Is there a way to get the nut loose?

Best Answer...


Is it possible to somehow put pressure against the "flat disk" with a prybar or something to try to stop it from spinning? Also try to "crack" the nut loose by smacking a hammer against the wrench instead of even pressure...might break it loose. Heat the nut with a torch if available?...Saw the nut off with a sawzall if you can replace the part and won't damage anything else? Best I can do with the given info...