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Mfg Fun

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Flugtag MFG Elsava: Uli Röhr BO 105 "Fun Scale 3D" ;)

Bolthouse Farms Is Fine With You Shaking Your Carrots in Public (Adfreak)

Bolthouse Farms once made its Baby Carrots seem sexy, extreme and futuristic.
Now, it's shaking things up--with a new spot for Baby Carrot ShakeDowns that
gets even more suggestive, as it recommends shaking your veggies in public for
all to see. Baby Carrot ShakeDowns, a new product, are just a bag of carrots
with seasonings you have to shake into the bag. The ad agency, goodness Mfg.,
makes the most of this by showing a horrified peeping neighbor who can't
believe all the shaking going on at the pool party next door. It's like they
have veggie Shake Weights. "Shaking is natural," the tagline adds at the end
for good measure. "When people interacted with the product, they all had the
most fun shaking the seasoning right onto their Baby Carrots," says agency
executive creative director Bob Cianfrone. "It's tactile and interactive, and
even leaves a residue on your fingers like less healthy snacks. Part of our
mission with this new campaign is to show consumers that healthy snacking can
taste great and be fun."


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