Police Duty

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Police Duty


Frequently Asked Questions...

Police duty weapon-colt .45's?

My current duty weapon is glock 22 .40 cal. I am wanting to qualify with .45 and get a
Colt 1911. As a duty weapon should I get the longer government model or the shorter commander? I know there is a slight weight and barrel difference. Just looking for opinions.

Best Answer...


If you don't already have and love a 1911, the Glock might be better for you. Many people find that the 1911 fits the hand better and is faster to aim, but it requires more knowledge of maintenance, has half the capacity, and can frighten the public (in some areas) with its hammer position.

The 1911 is a superb gun but, if it would be a better choice for you, you'd probably already know which length you prefer.


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