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Frequently Asked Questions...

Where can I go to see if my tire pressure gauge is accurate?

I am OCD about tire pressure. My gauge is a good one, but I would like to compare it to some sort of proven standard. So if my gauge reads "33 pounds" and the standard shows 35 pounds, I'll know to add 2 pounds to my gauge's readings.

Best Answer...


When I go to buy a thermometer, I compare them all and average them out. Then I take that average to buy a thermometer. That's the way you test you're tire pressure gage. Check it with at least 2 more gages and take the average. You may be surprised how much some will vary. I have seen some gages off by as much as 15 lbs. And they were the expensive ones! Also, you are suppose to check tire pressure when cold. Other wise, check them after they set for 30 minutes.